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We can supply virtual reality solutions for any sort of bussines in all engines and running on all devices.


Many business sectors can benefit VR in their daily Use Cases. Education, risk and hazardous environment training. User behavior and experience research. Prototyping and detailed model analysis.


We are primary using Unity 3D, which is the most powerful tool for creating virtual experience. However, we are able to deliver solutions in Unreal Engine or AppGame Kit.


Your dreams can become true through all most commonly used devices. HTC Vive family devices, Oculus devices, Hololens & Microsoft mixed reality devices, Google Cardboard and many others.

about us

It has been 4 years now that we are building a community of developers and 3D graphic designers devoted to virtual reality. In collaboration with the biggest Czech gaming club of virtual reality HOLODECK.cz we organize hackathons directed to virtual reality, specifically to the development of VR games. Our mission is also to introduce possibilities of virtual reality seen as a new medium for the general public. Seeing is believing.

Our programmers have senior knowledge of algorithmization and besides rich experiences also an engineer education with a good foundation for complex assignments in terms of statistics, physics or chemistry. For the 3D graphic design, we dispose of very experienced 3D & 2D graphic designers.

We work mainly with Unity 3D (C#) and Unreal Engine (C++, BluePrints) with connection to Steam VR (HTC Vive), Oculus integration (Oculus RIFT, Oculus Quest) and Windows Holographic (Microsoft Hololens). We have been devoted to virtual reality since 2017 with at the time first developers editions of the then devices. Since then we have already accomplished various successful projects. We grow together with technology. That is why we use the most current devices and on our projects, we apply all interface updates and plugins right after they are launched. The reason for it is that we want to guarantee the most up-to-date version of the project and we would like to avoid the obsolescence or non-functionality of some parts in the near future or even before the project conclusion. However, we don’t have high requirements for the client’s technology. We are able to program and manage apps for older versions because we have an archive of all environments and API.

meet the team

Marek Minarovič Project Manager
Matěj Pavlík Lead programmer
Jan Husák Creative director

try it live

You can't assess everything from videos and pictures. Ask us for meeting. We'll come and show you our realizations right at your place. Try it live and get free consultation about your project. Also you can visit us in our offices.


Some of our recent commercial works.

Customer preferences research in retail

NMS Worldwide

Unity 3D - HTC Vive, Oculus Quest
A virtual copy of a general store where areas of interest are determined and the points of interest, so-called Attraction Points, are recorded to a heatmap in real-time (eye-tracking, head-tracking). Visualisation is possible on the other screen online. The movement in the virtual store is unlimited thanks to a teleport. Objects are dynamic. The solution contains the possibility of on-the-fly switching between the scenes (different products distribution), scene reset (in case it is necessary to put to their place objects which are scattered around), positioning of the “gamer” to the places in the scene which were determined previously.

Training program for workers with gas pipes


Unity 3D - HTC Vive
Realistic visualization of an interactive training scene, in this case, an excavation. The movement of workers is possible thanks to the teleport, the trainee can identify problems in a specific situation and has the possibility of fixing the problem in VR, e.g. by the setting of the configuration and different elements of the scene directly in the simulation. The instructor can see the development of the situation on the screen and can influence the situation by simulation of an explosion, landslides, etc. The simulation enables the collection of data about the behaviour of the trainee; time intervals between single actions, their sequence and reaction periods. Two projects (two different training environments) were executed for this client.

Plugin for the research of branch office design change

Wellen Retail Experience

Unreal Engine - HTC Vive
Plugin for Unreal which enables live solutions in the form of statistical data and heatmaps detecting the look movement and angle in any scene. The "player" is located in the model of the new branch office and the client observes and records how and to which direction does the gamer move and when and where does he directs his head (where does he look). In the case of smaller objects like displays, it is possible to record the eye-tracking for exact data about the interest points.

Retail models


HTC Vive, MS Hololens
A retail model with the distribution of models of products of the company. The focus of the observation is the level of the interest and reaction to the design of new products in comparison to the competitor or to older products. Direct visualization of product prices and information simplifies user’s decision-making. Possible scene gamification for example by assigning prices to the goods, which enables to find out the client’s preferences and rating of a given design, etc.

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